For years I've treated photography as a hobby.. there were always the camera in my family home. Today my life is devoted to photography. Photography is both my passion and work that is a pleasure for me. The combination of these two things is something that many people dream of and what I'm managing to achieve.

Born in Poland in 1983 and grew up in Warsaw. In 2008 I became the master of Social Psychology that I studied at one of the best known Colleges in Warsaw. During that time I received the photographical education at the Union of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) and in 2006 I decided to become professional photographer, leaving everything else behind me. 

I don't like to be stereotyped to one area of photography only, because this art is too beautiful to be focused only on one thing. I love to work with creative people who are open for new ideas and who work with passion. I'm ready to take on any photo production and work if only you let me demonstrate my ideas.